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    1. I have problems submitting information, because the "Submit" button doesn't work.

      This is either because your browser does not support JavaScript or because JavaScript has been turned off in your browser.
      Please use MS Internet Explorer version 5 or above, Mozilla Firefox version 3.

    2. I have already registered but I cannot log to SimpleNS with my username and password. What is wrong?

      Once you have completed the on-line registration, your negotiation will be set up typically within 2-3 days. On the day before your negotiation is to begin, Invite will notify you via e-mail with your specific log in information and negotiation period, after which you can start your negotiation from the negotiation starting date.

    3. I have had no response from my counterpart. What shall I do?

      Since you are a representative of your organization (as described in your negotiation case), consider what other professional negotiators would do in the same situation. Send repeated messages? New offers? Can you come up with other tactics to get your counterpart to the table? Also, see the next question.

    4. I have had no response from my counterpart at all for a really long time and I have run out of ideas. Please help!

      First consider the possibility that this may be an intentional tactic used by your counterpart to increase the pressure as your deadline draws near. It does sometimes happen that a person who requested an Inspire negotiation fails to return to the site. So please contact the Inspire administrators (invitejmsb.concordia.ca) when everything you have tried has failed to elicit any response and they will set you up with a new counterpart as soon as one is available. However, please note that for same cases in which the negotiation period is very short, this may not be possible.

    5. I have sent an offer and my counterpart has not yet responded to it. Can I send a second offer instead of waiting?I have sent an offer and my counterpart has not yet responded to it. Can I send a second offer instead of waiting?

      Yes, you can make consecutive offers without waiting for your counterpart. Click on the "Send offer" link in the menu bar on the right-hand side of your page. There is also a link in the menu bar that allows you to just "Send message" instead of an offer.

    6. Can I look at on-going negotiations?

      Sorry, you cannot: there are privacy issues involved..