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    To Instructors

    If you are already familiar with Inspire registration procedures and set up, you may go directly to the Group Information Form. This allows for a timely setup, the same starting date, and pairing with groups from other countries. We organize negotiations every 5-8 weeks. If you are using Inspire for the first time, we recommend reviewing the Instructor's Synopsis. It is a comprehensive review of registration procedures, information about cases and other useful information.

    To Web Surfers

    To try Inspire you need to fill in a short negotiation request form.

    Negotiation via Inspire

    Inspire© is an e-negotiation system powered by Invite©. It has been developed for teaching and research purposes. We collect and analyse information generated during negotiations. We also ask users to fill in two questionnaires. Under no circumstances, however, do we provide or allow access to individual records nor do we disclose any information about any users (e.g., their names or email addresses).

    Our users find the system easy and fun to use. They have enjoyed discussions on the Web with unknown opponents. They were able to use different strategies, learn more about negotiations and negotiation support, and work on their communication and negotiation skills.

    Please use Internet Explorer version 5 or above, or Mozilla Firefox version 3.

    Before you begin your negotiations

    Please follow these simple steps:

  • Read about the Inspire system.
  • Review the example that demonstrates Inspire features.
  • Look at a handout for an explanation of the main steps and actions for using Inspire.
  • And remember that we have prepared FAQ and Glossary pages for you.

    If you decide to use Inspire, please note that we will pair you with someone who wishes to negotiate with you. Check your email everyday and please do not reply to the email which you receive from the Inspire system; you need to log in negotiate; to make offers and send messages.

    Participate in Invite experiments

    As the part of the E-negotiation research program, we conduct several laboratory experiments. Interested groups or individuals in Montreal may please contact with us at: invitejmsb.concordia.ca.