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    Imaras handout

    This is a handout that you may find useful when using Imaras. All the main steps and actions you will need are explained here. A more comprehensive explanation is given on the example page, which demonstrates a business case using Imaras and illustrates the auction process with a set of screenshots. If you need any help send us an email at invite@jmsb.concordia.ca.


    1. Introduction
    2. Getting started
    3. Using Imaras

    1. Introduction

    Imaras is an online multi-attribute reverse auction system powered by Invite. In an Imaras auction, there is one buyer (or seller) and several sellers (or buyers). The sellers are bidding against each other to get the buyer to accept their offer. Each auction is comprised of several rounds, lasting a pre-set amount of time. Sellers submit offers only to the buyer, but there is no other exchange between them. For more information, please refer to Imaras bidding process and to multiattribute auctions and bidding for a detailed discussion.

    In brief, the auction involves a preparation phase during which the buyer (if it is a human agent) and the sellers read the case description, beginning with Public information that is available to everyone and then the Private information that only you will see. The buyer and sellers then proceed to a bid submission phase during which the sellers bid against each other in order to win the auction. More information is available from the system itself.

    All auctions have a deadline. Remember to complete your auction by the deadline. After the deadline, you can no longer bid and may only participate in post-auction activities (e.g. review the case and auction transcript, give your comments and feedback).

    Also, please note that in addition to the auction, online questionnaires may be added during this process for the purpose of improving the system as well as research purposes, In particular, the pre-questionnaire(s) may be given before the actual auction phase (i.e. bid submission), and the post-questionnaire(s) will be included in the post-auction activities. Please fill out the questionnaires carefully. This is important for us to provide better systems and services for your auctions.

    2. Getting started

    In order to log in, please use the username and password that was sent to you by the Invite system and log into Imaras here.

    Once you have logged in, please use the system menu on the right-hand side and the tabs on the top. Detailed instructions are also provided on each page. Please DO NOT click the "Back" and "Forward" buttons on your Web browser, which may cause unanticipated problems (e.g. losing your auction information).

    The main system user interface is shown below, which contains: (1) top tabs: you can see the current auction activities and information by clicking the "Main" tab, and check the current auction status under the "Status" tab; (2) right hand side menu: these are the main auction activities and information; (3) other buttons: these include execution buttons to submit bids, refresh button to check any updates, and log out button to leave the system; and (4) system messages: these are system notifications when a new round starts, the limits are revised, a winner is selected or the auction is terminated.


    If you do not understand a specific word or an auction term and would like to see a definition, please use the Glossary Page. If you encounter a problem to which no answer is provided, please send an email to: invite@jmsb.concordia.ca.

    3. Using Imaras©