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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I have problems submitting information, because the "Submit" button doesn't work.

      This is either because your browser does not support JavaScript or because JavaScript has been turned off in your browser. Please do not use MS Internet Explorer, use Chrome or Firefox instead.

    2. I have requested an auction already. When can I start my auction?

      Once you have completed the on-line registration, your negotiation will be set up typically within 2-3 days. Inspire will notify you via e-mail with your specific log in information and negotiation period, after which you can start your negotiation from the negotiation starting date.

    3. I got a little confused and made a wrong bid is there any way i could leave the auction and start another one if possible.

      We cannot set up a new auction during any given month. We may try to reset the auction but it is only possible at the very beginning of the auction. In order for us to try restart the auction you must notify us immediately. Note that restarting auction requires all bidders' consent and it may not always be possible.

    4. I submitted a bid and am waiting for the buyer to reply to it. How long do I have to wait?

      This is an auction and the buyer, who set it up cannot communicate with the bidding sellers.

    5. I submitted a bid and it won this round. In the next round another bidder submitted a bid that for me has higher rating (value or revenue) then my winning bid in the previous round. How is this possible?

      Bids are being assessed based on the buyer's rating (value or revenue). The buyer's rating formula is likely to be different from yours and these difference may be reflected in a bid being better for both the buyer and for you than another bid. Such situation is possible.

    6. I saw a bid made by another bidder, but after I submitted my bid the other bid disappeared. Why?

      In this auction you can see only the winning bids and your bid. If your bid is the winning bid, then you see only your bid.

    7. It seems that I'm the only bidder. There are no other bidders in this auctions, right?

      No, it's wrong. There are other bidders. The reason you don't see other bids is that you make bids early in the round and they are the winning bids. Also, see the question above.

    8. The winning bid in the previous round gives me rating of 60. The instructions say that I can make bids that are better for the buyer than the winning bid. But I can see in this round that I can make bids that have rating 65, which is better than the winning bid with rating of 60. How is this possible?

      It is possible because the bids are assessed based on the buyer's rating (revenue) and not yours. The rating formulas are different, this this situation may happen.

    9. The auction moved to the point when my next bid would be very close to my break-even point. Should I make a bid that would produce only a small profit?

      You are a business owner and you can get a contract, which would produce small profit, i.e., after all your costs are covered you still would have some surplus. Why not taking such a contract, it is still profitable, right?

    10. If I make a bid then I would be below break-even point. Should I make such a bid?

      This bid, if accepted, would produce losses. Why there may be reasons for making such a bid (e.g., if you want to increase your market share, even at a loss), the participants of Imaras auction are asked to avoid losses. If you are participating in this auction as a part of an assignment, then making a loss-producing bid reduces your mark.

    11. If I can see other bidders' ratings on the history graph, then other bidders can see my ratings, which I don't like. So Imaras cannot be used in real-life auctions, can it?

      In the first place, you can neither see other bidders' ratings, nor can other bidders see yours. The graph does show a other bidders winning bids, but these bids' ratings are computed according to your (your company’s) formula, not other bidders! Likewise, the rating shown next to each package on the bid construction pages is computed from the formula used to calculate your ratings---the score summarizes how valuable the package is for you (the company you represent). Other bidders' ratings and graph will be totally different from yours since he or she will be using a different formula. In short, Imaras never reveals your valuation, revenue or profit formula to your counterpart (or your counterpart's to you) and is safe for real-life negotiations.

    12. I logged in when the auction started, but I did not start the bidding. I simply read the case. After four days, when I logged in to start the negotiations, I realized that I cannot submit a bid because the available bids produce losses for my company (are below my break-even point). How am I supposed to participate.

      This is unfortunate, but you have been waiting for too long and other bidders have already exchange many bids. Thus, either the bidder who made the currently winning bid wins the auction or you make a bid below your breake-even point. The decision is your but remember that making such a bid that produces losses may lower your grade.

    13. The auction started by I did not participate in the auction. Now the system tells me that the auction is closed. What I can do to restart the auction?

      Unfortunately you cannot restart this auction. There are other students who participated and exchanged bids. The auction could close because there were no possible bids available or no one bid for a given period of time. We ask that participants (students) start early and be diligent. We prepared a demo, handouts, assignments, etc. which tell that if a student does not start early and is active, then the auction may conclude without this student being able to enter it.

    14. I participated in the auction as an assignment for my class, and we need to submit the graph. My auction is finished and I no longer have access to the graph, is it possible for me to regain access to it.

      Yes, absolutely. Complete the current task and the graph will be shown again. In most cases this task is the questionnaire. Please fill it in and help us in our research. Please go to InterNeg Research Papers, if you'd like to review our research.

    15. Why the auction have been now closed, when the deadline is in five days from now?

      The deadline gives you the maximum time; the auction closes by the deadline, even if no one participated. However, the auction may close before the deadline--remember it is the bidders who make decisions and control the auction process. Also, see the previous question.

    16. Can I look at on-going auction?

      Sorry, you cannot: there are privacy issues involved.