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    » People behind Invite

    Invite is an ongoing research and development project undertaken by the member of the InterNeg Research Centre.

    » Projects

    We initiate and participate in international projects in the areas of auction and e-negotiation systems, online negotiations, construction of models and procedures for bilateral and multi-bilateral negotiation, and cross-cultural communication and negotiation.

    » Reports and articles

    We have designed and implemented several novel software solutions, designed negotiation protocols, and conducted tests and experiments.

    » InterNeg Glossary

    A negotiation glossary is available for negotiation students and practitioners as well as users of our systems.
     » Negotiation Glossary

    To Instructors

    If you are teaching a course and would like your students to negotiate via one of the Invite systems, please contact us. Group registration allows for a timely setup, the same starting date, and pairing with groups from other countries. We organize negotiations every 5-8 weeks. (If you would like to try the system first, select the system and make a request using its registration page.)

    To Web Surfers

    If you want to try one of our systems, select it from the list of avalilable systems. We suggest that you have a partner (for bilateral negotiation) or at least three partners for auctions and multi-bilateral negotiation. Note that we give priority to registered groups.

    Invite experiments

    Groups or individuals interested in participating in laboratory and/or online experiments are asked to contact with us at:

    Invite systems' cases

    Information (public) about cases availlable for use with our systems:

    Invite negotiation systems

    Invite© is a software platform whose name comes from InterNeg virtual integrated transaction environment. It is a platform which we use to construct various e-negotiation systems. Our systems are used for research and training purposes. For these purposes there is no charge for their use.

    We ask our users to allow us to collect data generated during their negotiations. We also often ask them to fill in a questionnaire. We collect and analyse information generated during negotiations. Under no circumstances, however, do we provide or allow access to individual records nor do we disclose any information about any users.

    Our users find the systems easy and fun to use. They have enjoyed discussions on the Web with unknown negotiation counterparts. They were able to use different strategies, learn more about negotiations and negotiation support, and work on their communication and negotiation skills. Contact us if you are interested in using one of our systems.

    Negotiation & Auctions via invite systems

    There are several e-negotiation systems available for use. Below is the list of available systems. To view a summary of the different system features, click on system comparison.

    simplens   SimpleNS: distinguishes offers and messages and tracks the negotiation process; the system is as easy to use simple as email is.
    inspire   Inspire3: supports bilateral negotiations with enhanced negotiation analytic methods, communication, and dynamic and user-controlled graphical tools.
    inspire   Inspire2: combines negotiation analytic methods, with communication facilities and graphical tools.
    Imbins   Imbins: supports multi-bilateral multi-issue negotiations and allows users to employ graphical tools for alternative generation and assessment.
    Imaras   Imaras: supports multi-attribute auctions using a novel algorithm that does not require disclosure of private information.
    Systems under development:
    inspire   Inspire3: extends Inspire with the DecisionStation concept and interactive graphical tools.
    inss   INSS: combines the Inspire system with the flexibility of unique cases, and adding issues and options.